Damn, those Millennials are at it again!

“Millennials are the worst.”  This statement rings all across the internet: Youtube, blogs, Facebook, and from the mouths/words of countless critics.  We’ve even been noted as being ‘completely useless’ according to a study that compares us to others our age across the world.  Apparently we’re ungrateful, self-absorbed assholes?  But who isn’t?  Being consistently shunned by the media, baby boomers, and other critics has become the norm.  Sound familiar?

From a millennial to other millennials out there: WE ARE THE BEES LEGS!  The great thing about millennials, the thing that people despise the most, is that we are always challenging the status quo.  As far as we know, tradition has gone out the window.  What seemed okay for our parents and those before them no longer works for us.  For example, working a mediocre 9-5 job does not sound appealing; it never did.  We are DREAMERS!  We bring attention to things that otherwise would have been looked over.  Bullying is becoming less and less acceptable as we speak, and we have shows such as ’13 Reasons Why’ to thank.  The show is calling attention to something that has been going on since most of us have been in school, and it likely made a lot of people uncomfortable; it did its job.  More and more we are standing up for what we believe in: We speak up.  In my mind, millennials are more creative, ambitious, imagining, and challenging than ever before.  We’re determined to make a way out of no way.  It seems that we are more aware of what happens around us, no matter how long you think we spend looking down at our phones.  We are compassionate.  We are realistic about our goals, yet we dare to dream.  So when it comes to what others have to say about millennials driving our country into the ground: Fuck it.


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