Do You Know Your Destiny? Do You Even Want One? Who’s in Control?

What is Destiny? defines destiny as, “the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events” OR,  “the power of agency that determines the course of events.”

Destiny is a concept that isn’t necessarily new to me.  However, it is one that has revisited my mind multiple times in the past week or so.  I love to think about what I think about, and in doing so, learn what others believe.  I, for one, believe that destiny is in my full control.  I believe that I have the ability to choose what I do and what I aspire for it to be. Even if I pick up an interest only to put it back down in a few months, ultimately ‘destiny’ is still in my control.  Furthermore, I believe that my ultimate destiny is to find who I am and what I love to do, that I may create  life-long satisfaction.  This journey is one that I believe people have been pursuing for decades.  However, not everyone has the same views when it comes to destiny.

Tristan Crutchfield, a theater major at Indiana State University explained that he believes that everything happens for a reason.  He too believes that there is a choice implied in our destinies.  “I can decide the trajectory of my destiny,” said Crutchfield.  “I have the decision to do something great or not great.  I have a choice.”  Crutchfield’s opinion is self-explanatory.  However, where there is one opinion, there is almost always an equal and opposite opinion.

Control is something that most people can probably relate to.  We all probably like it when things are in our control, when they go our way, and when there is little resistance in what we do.  Despite this, sometimes challenge and success are rewards of their own.  However, when it comes to the way we live our lives and the concept of destiny, not being in control can be atypical.

There are some who dismiss the idea of destiny all together.  Theater major, Emily Koeller was thrilled to give her opinions.  She even referred to the movie, ‘Mr. Nobody,’ directed by Jaco Van Dormael as an example.  Koeller expressed her ideas about the topic by saying,
“There’s nothing telling me what I’m going to do the rest of my life.”  The topic was broadened when she theorized the possibility of there being more than one reality, one in which our lives go one way in ‘universe A,’ and the opposite in ‘universe B.’ A different discussion all together.

I believe the concept of destiny and its accreditation completely depend on who you’re talking to.  Nonetheless, it’s still an interesting discussion.

So…What is your destiny? Do you even want one? Or are you in control?  Let us Know what you think!


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